We are a specialist Leadership Development company, operating globally, focussing our efforts on three key functional disciplines:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Team Development
  3. Organisational Decision Making

We provide training, coaching, mentoring and consultancy services delivered by outstanding leaders who understand and are committed to your challenges.

Leadership Development

Leaders are the driving force and backbone of every great organisation.

Our training, coaching and mentoring equips leaders with the skills to identify strategic direction, engage diverse workforces and deliver successful businesses in a challenging, highly competitive environment.

Team Development

Teams deliver the results. Great teams deliver outstanding results.

Using our high performance expertise, we help organisations to take their teams to the next level, empowering performance to enable them to deliver exceptional results in dynamic business environments.

Organisational Decision Making

The quality of your team'’s decisions directly affects your success.

Developing an understanding of short and longer term decision making skills in individuals and organisations, we give businesses the confidence to fully engage in their opportunities and challenges.

Latest Blog Posts

The decision to do nothing is an option

Every organisation faces the dilemma, to push hard for short term results or to prioritise building their team for the longer term. This is the same dilemma faced in countries. Doing may not be the best answer, interfering is certainly not. Continuing to offer support and guidance is vital but deciding not to act, being prepared to sit back and watch is an option we should all consider.

Why do so many football managers fail?

Football clubs invest huge amounts of money in their team and its success. The rewards of success are massive, the cost of failure is equally crushing.

The club manager is the key person who can generate or destroy the club's success, and yet few clubs will invest significantly in the personal support to help their managers flourish. To achieve long term success, clubs must start to invest more in making their managers great rather than hoping to buy success.

Resilience and Crisis Leadership

As a key part of our joint Executive Development programme, Decisive Operations and the University of Kurdistan will be delivering a four day module on resilience and Crisis Leadership. This highly interactive course is designed for executive leaders who must ensure the capability of their own organisations to withstand crises and emergencies.

The module will take place in Erbil in Autumn 2014.


“Nanoco is growing rapidly. Our managers need to quickly adapt to changing situations. Decisive Operations developed a very effective management training programme tailored to our needs. Their relaxed style interspersed with personal anecdotes ensured that the key learnings were made clearly and taken on board by the Nanoco team.

We will be using their services on an ongoing basis and I wholeheartedly recommend Decisive Operations to any company wishing to get the most out of their managers.”